Phone Cases - Which One's For You

Phone cases are trending hard right now. You can see discussions on podcasts, TV shows or the internet about should you go naked or should you have a phone case. 

Well, we say - Suit Up!

I personally think that discussion is over and that phone cases are considered to be an absolute must-have item. 

So what makes phone cases today so compelling and unavoidable. Is it because many journalists and magazine editors have claimed it to be an integral part of your fashion outlook or simply because people don't want to go around with a cracked screen anymore. I mean, if you’ve dropped your phone once and the screen cracked, you sure as hell are gonna buy a protective phone case for your next phone.

Let's have a closer look at which design trends are in right now.

Wallet or Slim Phone Case

wallet versus slim phone case

Which one should you choose? Well, like everything in life, it depends. If you like to carry your phone in your pocket then you should opt-in for a slim phone case. The downside of slim phone cases is that they do not protect your screen. If you're looking for practicality and a substitute for your wallet or a small purse, our wallet phone cases are for you. They hold space for up to three cards and a cash pocket.

Minimalist Pattern Phone Case Designs

minimalist pattern phone case

Minimalism is one of the most influential styles today – from design to architecture, to music, to literature. In fact, there’s every chance that you’re a fan of minimalism even without knowing it.

Contrary to what you might think, minimalism was never inspired by poverty and austerity.

In fact, it’s frequently considered a style of the super-rich. The attitude is: I can have anything, but I won’t clutter my home; instead, I will acquire only the most elegant, simple objects available.

Modern Retro Phone Cases

retro photography phone case

Modern retro gets its name from a style that’s very throwback, but not very far back. This technique uses hints of design patterns from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Modern retro is growing in popularity with plenty of other retro and vintage styles. Touches of modern retro flair are everywhere – from our current obsession with superhero movies to playing app games that feature Atari-style interfaces.

 retro girl with glasses phone case

Flamingo Phone Case Designs

tropical flamingo phone cases

We’ve all heard the saying “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”. Flamingos are beautiful pink birds with unusual pink coloured feathers. They are also unique for their “standing on one leg” pose, which no one knows for sure what it serves for. Flamingo phone case designs are among the most popular ones and their popularity is not dwindling. Seems like everyone loves their graciousness.


Skulls Phone Cases

skulls phone case design

When it comes to fashion design, one of the lasting images is the skull. What makes it so appealing, and what allowed it to stay relevant for such a very long time? 

The first thing that makes the skull such a compelling image is the numerous and deep meanings associated with it. Seen in just about anything from media products to artwork, it’s easy to say that the skull has universal appeal.

The first meaning associated with the skull is death. Usually combined with other death-related images such as tombs and creatures from the afterlife, skulls are a lasting image of man’s mortality.

The skull can also be a symbol of toughness and bravery.

Lastly, skulls can also be a symbol of life. In the same way that it’s a death symbol due to its association with mortality, skulls can also mean the celebration of someone deceased or living each day the best way possible.

Because of the numerous underlying meanings associated with the skull, fashion has embraced it wholeheartedly.

The skull can already be used as a design on its own, or it can be seamlessly integrated into a much more complex piece of art.

The meanings and symbolism behind the Day of the Dead have inspired many and prompted the popularity of sugar skull tattoos. Oftentimes, they are used much like the real sugar skulls: to honour a deceased loved one. However, they can also represent the idea of eternal life and spirit.

Mexican skull phone case

Personalized Phone Cases

Retro Universe personalized custom phone case

Personalization is the word of the day right now. Everyone wants their unique and custom made phone case. Why? People’s need to be noticed is growing increasingly. Customized phone cases help you get noticed and be the centre of attention. There are so many options for personalization but our favourite ones are simple.

Pattern plus name. Your name or someone else's name if the phone case is used as a unique gift.

Why not put a significant date or even a favourite short quote instead of the name.

These types of unique phone cases look sophisticated and fashionable. Dash of wood gives them that beautiful retro nod

personalized name phone case

Motivational Phone Cases

motivational phone cases

Motivational designs are a staple. People from all backgrounds love them because let's face it, life is hard. Without constant motivation from inside or outside you are in trouble. You see motivational posters everywhere. People use wallpapers on their screens for motivation and now you can use them to express yourself with your phone case as well. It can be a simple quote but also a more elaborate design. Whatever works for you. 

motivational phone cases

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