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My name's Adrian. Nice to meet you!

I've started this online shop that focuses on beautiful phone cases in 2019, after a huge success we've had with my other website is focusing obviously on GAA. You might have seen the ads or heck, maybe you've ordered from us already. In that case, you're a star! And thank you.

I have seen that people were mostly interested in phone cases. Wallet phone cases in particular. And that's the reason I opened this site. Phones are a huge part of our lives, for better or for worse, and we just can't function without them. I am including myself here. 

Hi, my name is Adrian and I am a phone addict.

Adrian Volenik

Me, my wife, my sister and mom on holidays

I am obsessed with them. If you're interested, you can read my blog/news site and find out why your phone is so damn slow and loads of other tips and news.

We will be adding new designs on a weekly basis here on PHONE-CASES.IE including the hot new items - personalized phone cases.

Our goal here is to make as many cool and stylish designs for everyday person that won't break the bank or the phone :)

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